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The Early Returns on Manny Machado MLB S
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Before this year,Manny Machadowas a talented young player whos remained something under elite due to injuries along with a bat that was closer to average than star. He added offense to his game this year and earned his status as a star-level player. Debuting only a month removed from his 20th birthday in 2012, Machado combined anabove-average bat with amazing defense, but a switch flipped this season and Machado joined Mike Trout and Bryce Harper among the best players in the game. Machado is among the games very best third baseman defensively, but a couple times now, the Orioles have experimented with him at shortstop. Joey Bosa Jersey While the long-term implications for Machado and the Orioles are unclear, early returns suggest a happy outcome for that club and the 23-year-old, were he revisit his original just right diamonds.

Drafted from high school as a shortstop, Machado was projected to remain at shortstop given his solid hands and arm, although there were whispers that somewhere down the road his body might outgrow the positioning. The Orioles certainly expected his future was as a shortstop, putting him there for those buttwo of his 208 minor league games. When the Orioles found themselves inside a pennant race this year, they previously had one of the best defensive shortstops hanging around with J.J. Hardy so they moved Machado to 3rd base. The move worked, because the Orioles won a wild-card spot as well as an ensuing wild-card game to help make the American League Division Series. With Hardy continuing Robert McClain Jersey to provide excellent defense, Machado has always been at third base until now.

Machado provides amazing defense at third since his debut this year, but both 2013 and 2014 ended early for Machado as he has had surgery to each knee, using the 2013 injury representing the greater serious of these two. Perhaps with a few uncertainty regarding Machados capability to return to a pre-surgery level the sort of level that will permit him to go back to shortstop in addition to a recognition that J.J. Hardy still offered excellent defense at shortstop, they signed Hardy to some three-year, $40 million contract extension. Two knee surgeries, continued good defensive play from Hardy, along with a three-year contract extension for Hardy provided little impetus for moving Machado back to shortstop.

By the numbers, Machado continues to be among the best third baseman within the decade and a half that we have UZR data. By way of illustration, the chart below features the best UZR/150 for third basemen over that point period. (Note: chart is sortable).

Best Third Baseman by UZR/150, 2002-2015NameInnUZRUZR/150Manny Machado3741.150.918.8Evan Longoria8955.184.314.6Adrian Beltre17093.0163.313.8Corey Koskie4590.046.313.7Nolan Arenado3177.237.513.5Scott Rolen11029.1109.013.3Josh Donaldson4410.137.411.1Joe Crede7334.251.09.2David Bell5593.033.18.3Mike Moustakas5395.028.16.8

We know that Machado continues to be great at third base. He won the Fielding Bible award for third base in 2013, but still received votes in 2014, finishing Derek Watt Jersey seventh, despite playing only half the season. Because of the innings disparities, a bit more context for that chart above might help frame Machados defense. In the end, Machados innings are just through his age-22 season, and defense has a tendency to decline with age. Looking at every four-year period beginning with 2002, the best UZR/150 shows up below (min. 3000 innings).

Best Four-Year Period with a Third Baseman by UZR/150, 2002-2015YearsUZR/150 (min. 3000 innings)Scott Rolen2002-200520.5Adrian Beltre2003-200619.4Evan Longoria2008-201118.8Manny Machado2012-201518.8Evan Longoria2007-201018.6Pedro Feliz2005-200818.1Adrian Beltre2002-200517.8Scott Rolen2004-200717.0Evan Longoria2009-201216.8

Machados recent run is among the best over the last decade and, even with the knee surgeries, Machado still looks great out in the area. While Hardy is signed for two more years and $28.5 million, he's having a miserable season while at bat and was put on those with disability list more than a week ago having a groin i sue, his second stint on the DL this year (shoulder). With only per month left in the season and the Orioles inside a tailspin which has removed them in the playoff race, seeing what they have with Machado at shortstop make sense.

While Machado had not played a single inning at shortstop in main League Baseball before August 23, coupled with not recorded a single start there until Monday, he has spent a while fielding in the shortstops general area.

Teams implement the transfer of various ways. Jahleel Addae Jersey Some teams opt to send their third baseman behind the second-base bag, leaving the shortstop in his normal position to cover the biggest land area. Given Machados range and athleticism, the Orioles have felt comfortable leaving Machado to pay for the whole left side of the infield. In the footage below, Kansas Citys Mike Moustakas attempted to beat the shift with the bunt. Machado defied him.

Moustakas isn't a fast runner, but he does have six infield hits and three bunt hits from eight attempts. On a different play where Machado held down the left side from the infield on the shift, Machado showed range likely to his left and throwing out Shin-Soo Choo.

While he had played the shortstops role on those times the Orioles have shifted, he didn't get started in the position until Monday. With two knee surgeries in his past, there might be some question of whether he could return to the position he played very Isaac Rochell Jersey well before reaching the majors. In his first opportunity at shortstop, he earned an error within an extra-innings lo s towards the Twins. Regardle s of the initial error, his skills seem to have transferred quite nicely in the first two starts. The 80-grade arm that was useful like a third baseman is at least as useful at shortstop. In limited action, his range also looks to be shortstop quality. Here is a play in the first start at shortstop where Machado showcases the arm and range, going deep within the hole before making an incredibly strong throw to conquer catcher Rene Rivera.

Buck Showalter saidthat Machado seemed energized by the position switch, and Machado echoed enhanced comfort he appeared to have on the field with his statements afterward:

It returned pretty easy, Machado said. Ive been playing that my very existence. I didnt play third base until I acquired up here. It just came natural. I had been out there just trying to make the plays and because the game continued, I simply started feeling much more comfortable available.

Machado is used to starting double plays, having initiated 25 of them this season (second in MLB behind Kyle Seager) and 80 in the last three seasons (third in MLB behind Seager and Josh Donaldson), and that he had no problem starting the double experience Monday.

Perhaps one of the more difficult facets of the third-base-to-shortstop move is making the turn on the double play. The caliber of Machados arm is beyond doubt whilst throwing at odd angles or with no feet completely set, also it could make up for potential too little other areas. The footwork could be tricky, but Machado pa sed his first test yesterday.

With J.J. Hardy still signed for two more seasons, Machados position of the near, and sure long-term, future continues to be probably third base. Should Hardys bat decline even more to become unplayable or should he suffer more injuries Machado ought to provide an option at shortstop. Machado provides the Orioles Sam Tevi Jersey added flexibility with the bench when they have a solid bat who are able to play some third base. The transition is still in its early stages, and it is likely to be temporary or maybe infrequent, but at this time, Machado still looks like he has the chops to slide to shortstop.

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