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Depending on the material true natureChromatic polarization...
eingetragen am 24/06/2017 04:43:10 von dfgfhjuyj
Fourth lens polarization,five so as not to be easy the lens to crack for the shock layer,sixth,after curing of 7,I will wear the easily lens.It is possible to filter harmful rays,polarizer had a role of eye protection.5 Application 1.operation,does not come from the sun and the many problems in front of the vehicle reflection.2.When fishing,the water sparkling in the light of the sun,but you feel right,it did not feel comfortable with impunity.3.skiing,you can can enjoy the glider,you do not nee... Lese mehr

Thank you very much! Thank you for alwaysIt has further become strong...
eingetragen am 24/06/2017 00:58:27 von JohnsonAshley
Boasts a 99% degree of polarization Poraraizudo (polarization) lens options? Iridium lens coating options to control the glare? RX prescription glasses lens support (planned) and by applying the cultivated great function in a conventional FLAKJACKET,To provide a comfortable fit in the ultra-lightweight O Matter frame.The new Anne of data um Year sock equipped to increase the fit without slipping even in moisture,such as sweat or rain,To ensure the optimum lens position in the Three-Point Fit,Len... Lese mehr

Then,"we are not caught in the idea that you were addicted to customs...
eingetragen am 24/06/2017 00:42:11 von JohnsonAshley
Idea of ??a unique thing." And,they culture brand has has become a source.(Snip)There is a strong sound in the word culture,it is in a sense,is like a religion.When to joining Oakley,first,drinking juice (Oakley juice),you swear loyalty to the company.BrandAll such resources and values,such as human resources with what is to exist in this culture.If you look at the Oakley headquarters,"this company,something I wonder not it ordinary.Dangerous respectively.But it works like in why it attracted be... Lese mehr

Captain Tsu! is a meal!" sister was called Nagi is ───DITA
eingetragen am 22/06/2017 12:32:59 von ffhthdfhd
"Well,anyway,and try it on putting aside Ueno" "cormorant,yeah.I ask" while instead again Tomoyo and position,I was charged with five hundred yen.It's one times one hundred yen,but an increasing number one batch and that's five hundred yen,and he can be six times.First,it moves the arm aiming at the top of an elephant.Well,it has to become upside down,it would be easy to take because looking almost straight ahead.The aim of the around the neck is a theory,grabbed the arm to the location of the a... Lese mehr

Table 4 of the prism tolerance is 0.25Δ GB10810.1,I will more.Light...
eingetragen am 22/06/2017 02:10:59 von fhdfhjdrd
This is,in many cases,in the winter of snow outside of a sunny day,in many cases,the glare of the snow surface reflecting the sun,which is called snow blindness,occurs.Sunglasses,your sunglasses must ensure that filtering 100% of the two types of ultraviolet radiation,it is possible to eliminate UV radiation and has good UV coating.Sunglasses sunglasses of the label will be able to provide UV protection,you need to indicate the extent to which requires the protection of 100%.9 Technical Specific... Lese mehr

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