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SWITCH (air? Frame switch) WOMENFor women,Wellington and two types of ova
eingetragen am 01/08/2017 15:57:04 von noahlock
And come so also these announcement is made from the company of the glasses industry,see you might glasses image varies.From eyewear brand JINS (Gin),eyeglass frames 3 types of the temple has become a set that can be replacement Air frame SWITCH (air? Frame switch) has been released on September 25.JINS (Gin) in 2011 to the sale of the glasses "change" dress-up that collaboration with popular TV program information also.Same day sold out,it was popular to such hurriedly make additional productio... Lese mehr

UNIQLO of sunglasses,it is very preeminent feeling of size to match the...
eingetragen am 01/08/2017 15:12:48 von noahlock
Narrow frame like feel natural to choose,small lens.It is the thing which can be applied Sararito naturally even those who are not familiar with sunglasses.However,the more slender frame is to say whether,and where there is hard to not also not mean that a good enough lens is small.Because,sunglasses looks well brackets it is better to "eyebrows were hidden." The more foreigners look good sunglasses appearance,it is here.It is convinced if image search,but the distance of alien eyes and eyebrows... Lese mehr

Sunglasses Speaking of items that are indispensable to holiday fashion...
eingetragen am 23/07/2017 05:38:38 von noahlock
Costner of" JFK "(1991),the history of movie actor I've been worn in Sakuchu.This time,while maintaining the classic style,re-emerged as a contemporary style that added the commitment to new materials and technical detail.Matt Dark Havana & gunmetal and black & gold,matte black and silver,I will deploy all four colors of red Havana & Gold.Handling than brand "Ray-Ban",from the three models of the "polarized lens" equipped with "Aviator","Wayfarer",
Adidas Climacool"club master",... Lese mehr

Ray-Ban TECH Carbon Fibre Collection,the lens from two types of glass...
eingetragen am 23/07/2017 03:39:38 von noahlock
Carbon fiber temples,made of reinforced polyester resin sheet 7 layers,five layers of the center mixes the special resin,since it is formed by compressing them into a thin sheet,keeping high strength.FurtherFor the over To-shaped carbon fiber is being cut with a jet stream of water,cut surface is realized smooth and highly accurate shape.This patent process,the frame (less than 2 g) very lightweight,sturdy,Flexible,an d has as durable.In addition,to reduce the fatigue of the frame in which to a... Lese mehr

In the following section,SunglassesSunglassesAd justing the light to...
eingetragen am 14/07/2017 16:26:04 von noahlock
④ the face of the oval: You,Taiwan was born and very suitable for Oh sunglasses.What kind of style,no matter how fit,does not note the size ratio on it.⑤ rectangular face: because you are best suited for the large frame sunglasses,you are the face,so that it looks more delicate,can make a small drawback of long face,color dark color.5 brand many well-known,such as Nike,Timberland,Gucci and Kenneth Cole,brands such as,as part of the sunglasses product line.Not only many sunglasses manufacture... Lese mehr

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