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The Temple "unexpected Standing wind,emergency live Me
eingetragen am 03/10/2017 16:35:30 von aaronmalcolm
Reproduce black edge round glasses that appeared to SakuchuJiro Horikoshi hero has multiplied by the round glasses of black borders from childhood.If you look at the same work,that Jiro is glasses men will remain in the strong impression.NOVA,which is doing the planning and sales of glasses based in Sabae,has reproduced this black edge round glasses.Tokyo "Ghibli Museum" and has been sold in,has become a strong sales,such as there is an additional order of 2 degrees.
Adidas Executado 2.0 Sapa... Lese mehr

Because,sunglasses looks well brackets it is better to "eyebrows
eingetragen am 03/10/2017 16:13:13 von aaronmalcolm
Such as small a "round" type of round is also the wave of the epidemic,but the form this Wellington you have continued to reign for years as a standard long.The first type will not miss.Also now,the frame is thick,lens but there is also a larger,more thick frame,also lens large enough easy out discomfort,hurdles together how goes up.Because,because I give a completely different impression and usually there should face."Gotsu silver accessories" and "boot-cut pants hem spread" Similarly overly de... Lese mehr

Temple to bend flexible to fit the shape of the face and head also...
eingetragen am 18/09/2017 06:42:47 von aaronmalcolm
Of course,the Italian fashionista is not a global standard.But,there will be something to emulate in the fashionable style.To suit each style,besides ......that claims the glamorous personality is multiplied by the matched sunglasses.So,it is choosing the unconventional sunglasses that can be used in accessories sense,'s a shortcut to complete the offered at style of this summer.Persol,the Italian sunglasses brand of its founding in 1938.Brand name in the sense that "because of the sun" in Itali... Lese mehr

Accessories lens features of OAKLEY
eingetragen am 18/09/2017 05:29:47 von aaronmalcolm
It OAKLEY FLAK2.0 AsianFit (Oakley Flack 2.0 Asian Fit)! FLAK2.0 Asian Fit the top and bottom width of the lens is spread,A wider range of High Definition Optics lens it will protect the covered eye.In addition,shape of the center frame,a lens shape? Angle and by specially adjusted,It has been designed so as to Fit to more Asia for.frame feature of OAKLEY FLAK2.0 Asian fit? Because of eyewear that has been developed in Asia for the region,comfortably fit in Japanese? Comfortable wear comfort,eve... Lese mehr

"ROUND METAL" the center from the simple round type and size feelin
eingetragen am 28/08/2017 08:25:58 von aaronmalcolm
Then,and in the wake that it has requested the elegant sunglasses ",in 1937,Ray-Ban (Ray-Ban) the start.It was originally made is,in gold metal frame in the teardrop of green lens,GuClassic and it became the prototype of the metal.Pilots of the US Air Force soon was wearing this,but during the Second World War,photos Douglas? MacArthur is wearing the sunglasses that landed in the Philippines of the beach at the time American newspaperFrom the fact that it was listed in,people in the United State... Lese mehr

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