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Since Game of thrones aired ,the wolves in it became famous too, along with the characters of course, but those wolves were actually huskies, since then there is a major hype for huskies. What is so good about them?

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It is true that Game of thrones made the breed husky popular, but the wolves were played by other types of huskies, not a sakhalin husky.

Anyway, the breed of sakhalin husky is popular with a doubt, as it has everything a dog lover would adore and would want in a pet. This breed is although on the verge of extinction, they are still in a lot of demand. This breed is extremely popular because of it's astounding temperament and demeanor. This furry canine is a sweetheart, they are gentle and playful, they gel along well with kids and loves to play with them. They are also very loyal and protective towards their owner, although they crave attention and suffer from separation anxiety when the owner does not spends time with them. They have very strong and muscular legs which enables them to run for several miles at a stretch without getting tired. Additionally, they do not shed too much hair, they do not drool much, they have low maintenance cost and they can tolerate extreme cold weathers. So, what else would you want in a pet? This furry mate is the perfect pet. 

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