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There is a lot of hype about healing crystals these days. I wonder if they really work. Can somebody share their experiences regarding this?

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In ancient times people used the spiritual and healing properties of gemstones to cure

ailments and even fatal diseases. But, as time passed on and modern medical science came

into existence, the use of healing stones reduced rapidly all around the world.

However, in the 21 st century, it is seen that the use of healing gemstones have come alive again. In the present time, healing gemstones are getting popularity because they are used as ornaments

as well. Healing gemstones are nowadays crafted in various jewellery and ornaments which

people like to wear for fashion as well as for their healing properties. It is one of the main

reasons behind the revival of the gemstone era.

Now, the question is “Do gemstones have healing properties in real?” In search of a genuine

answer, I have done a lot of research over healing gemstones and found some astonishing

facts. In this answer, I will share the results of my study and some exciting things about the

healing properties of gemstones.

There are thousands of gemstones and crystals available in the market, but not all of them

have health benefits. You should consult a spiritual healer who can suggest you the gem

that will be best for you and also how to wear it. To give yourself a fashionable look, you can

wear Therapeutic Gemstones like a Ruby ring, Sapphire necklace, Emerald earrings, or a

Labradorite bracelet, whichever your spiritual guide suggests you.

It is a fact that many gemstones and crystals have healing powers, but they differ in a lot of

ways. Ornaments embedded with Labradorite crystals such as labradorite bracelets can be

used to relieve stress, anxiety and depression. Other ornaments like the ones made from

amethyst can be used to stimulate your aura and energy flow and remove the physical and

mental blockage. Spiritual healers use crystals and gemstones to detoxify the body as well

as the mind and cleanse your spirituality. Some crystals are linked with our chakras, so

spiritual gurus often suggest to wear them to conquer our fears and insecurities and

strengthen our will power and psychic abilities.

You can find plenty of shops around the corner who claim to sell genuine gemstones but be

alarmed, purchase healing crystals from trusted suppliers only. Many websites also claim to

deliver the best gems, but only a few of them might actually be able to supply the real ones.

So, before purchasing your crystal online, do proper research on the internet to find genuine

suppliers. You can also take the help of a spiritual guru or healer who can give you better

advice on where to find your healing gemstone.

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