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What makes consistency so important for the growth and prosperity of a human being?

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Bruce Lee once said, “Fear not the man who practices a thousand kick once. Fear the man who practices one kick a thousand times.”

The power of consistency makes wonders happen. If you are patient enough to do one task multiple times, you become better at it. If you do it for an extended period of time, you become an expert at it. This is how powerful consistency is. It makes an expert out of a novice. 

A person who is consistent in whatever he/she does has a fairly better chance of achieving the things he/she wants from life.

If you are not yet convinced that consistency is an important factor for your growth in life, here are some important pointers that you can look into.

1. It makes you disciplined.

One of the most powerful aspects of consistency is the cultivation of the habit of discipline. When you are focused on doing something on a consistent basis, you consciously make yourself disciplined. It helps you improve the other areas of your life. 

2. It makes you self-motivated

The habit of doing something consistently makes you feel motivated from the inside. You biome more resilient and develop the skill of empowering yourself wherever you feel low. In short, it makes you stronger emotionally.

3. It brings more confidence.

When you start doing things consistently, it makes you believe in your capability. You start analyzing your strengths and expanding them. It gives you an amazing sense of confidence which you can’t find with anything else.

4. It makes you more practical.

People who are consistent are more practical than others. When you want something in your life, you work for it. Nothing comes for free in life. Being consistent brings that clarity in your mind. You start believing in work and not luck or lottery. There was a time when I used to believe in the lottery. I had once applied for the Canada Green Card lottery. Fortunately, I didn’t get lucky in the Canada Green Card lottery. That made me resistant towards luck and I started believing in practicality and hard work more than ever before.

5. It develops that habit of being accountable for your actions.

When you are consistent in your efforts, you start seeing results. When this becomes a habit, you subconsciously start maintaining accountability for your actions. This is one of the best things that comes through this practice of consistency.

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