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Is the world heading towards negativity? How to find peace in these times?

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To answer this, let me tell you that we are not born to change things outside of us. Even if we try, we may fail to bring changes to the world. The reason for this is that the world doesn’t function in uniformity. You can’t expect everyone to think and act like the way you want to. That kind of world might exist in your imagination. In the real world, people and situations are extremely unpredictable. To deal with it the right way, you can do one thing - focus on the growth of just one person, that is you. The rest will fall into place.

There is this thing about human beings that makes them the king of the world and also the most dreaded existence in the whole of creation. It is ego. An egoistic person takes everything thrown towards him in a judgemental way. It is what creates conflict within him. When you learn to suppress this ego or kill it from the root, your life will take a different turn. You will enjoy your existence more. You will start looking at the good that is around you. 

Our world is not that bad as it is shown in the News channels or reported in the newspapers. There is a lot of good things happening around us that are not covered by the so-called news reporters only because it doesn’t help them with their TRPs. So, you have to understand that you can’t make the mistake of believing everything that is shown on the news. You have to figure out things by yourself. You can do this by focusing on yourself more than focusing on the world outside.

Learn to live without ego and take the actions needed to grow in life. Do not think about situations or people who you can’t change. It will only fuel up the ego in you. It will bring you down. The better thing to do is to focus all your attention on your actions and behaviors. Analyze your actions on a daily basis and notice if it is taking you forward in your career. Is it making you a better person than you were the previous day? This kind of thinking can lead to an entirely different life, where you live without resentment and negativity. 

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